Why didn't I think of this? Talk about a genius idea.

I never eat spaghetti unless I am at home. All of the slurping and trying to get the long noodles in your mouth is less than attractive. Now, I will eat spaghetti in public -if I bring scissors.

Smanda Blanchard of Canada, posted a video of her dad eating spaghetti with scissors on her Facebook page. The video has since gone viral. I am in absolute awe of this. It's so simple, but so smart. This man is on to something. Maybe restaurants should start handing out scissors with spaghetti orders. It certainly makes it easier to eat.

I have cut my hair with scissors just like the pair this gentleman is using. Why not use a pair to snip long noodles? Send me a video if you try this at home. This guy makes it look so easy. This is the greatest life hack I have ever seen.

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