When you're a kid, you're scared of all kinds of dumb stuff, especially after watching horror movies where monsters climb out of the toilet. Thanks, 'Ghoulies II.'

As a child, I may have been a little too brave. I was always down to watch scary movies, but sometimes that would backfire -- the 1988 movie 'Ghoulies 2' comes to mind. I had to have been 8 or 9 when I initially watched this now laughably terrible 'Gremlins' knockoff, but, I repeat, I was 8 or 9. There is a scene in the movie where a ghoulie is hiding in the toilet and a guy sits down to drop a deuce without looking -- bad move.

While the film doesn't show anything that happened, his screams of sheer horror and the suggestion that a monster would hide in the toilet were enough to damage me for years to come. After that, I could never sit on a toilet without checking for a ghoulie first. I was literally afraid that one would eat my butt.

I guess looking before you sit isn't the worst habit to pick up, but it was still pretty traumatizing at the time. Maybe women should be forced to watch this film so they don't have any room to bitch when you leave the toilet seat up. The "I fell in" defense would go right out the window because you could always say, "you should've been checking for ghoulies anyway."

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