Just after the ten year anniversary of 9/11, Gibson Guitars has introduced three different Les Pauls  that honor the heroes and victims of that tragic day -- with all of the profits being donated to charity.

Each of the three specialty Gibson Les Paul guitars include custom laser-etched artwork that rests upon a gloss ebony finish. The first of the three models is 'Never Forget' -- which bears a picture of the New York City skyline pre 9/11. The second called 'Always Honor', is a tribute to those first responders during the horrific attacks. The third and last in the series is called 'Forever Free' and displays the future NYC skyline -- added with the currently incomplete Freedom Tower.

The guitars will make the rounds this year -- being played by several different artists -- befor being auction of on 9/11/12. All of the proceeds made from the auctioned guitars will got the charity that benefits the families of first responders.