Sometimes wearing a thong can be murder, but I would never think of it as a means to end my life. However, I have never been in this woman's predicament. A Utah woman was arrested for alleged pick pocketing at a bar. Once she was taken into custody by police, she tried to strangle herself with her own thong!

Apparently the woman was busted at The Outlaw Saloon.  When she was confronted about stealing, she pulled her sundress over her head and began to spin around.  According to The Salt Lake Tribune, that is when she attempted to throw a stolen wallet into a trash can.  Of course this act was noticed and that is when cops were called.

On the way to the police station she told officers that she would kill herself if she went to jail.  When she was placed in a holding cell, she did indeed try.  The woman wrapped her thong underwear around her neck and tried to choke herself.  She did not die, but she did pass out from the smell (kidding).  Anyone else hungry for a tuna sandwich?