I remember huffing and puffing around if I didn't get my way as a teen. At no time did I think about harming my parents over it. Not the case here. A California teen and her friend are accused of drugging her parents via milkshakes because she felt her internet curfew was not fair.

The parents of the pissed off 15-year-old woke up feeling hungover and returned to bed. They woke the next day feeling the same way. These parents don't mess around because they then went to the police station and bought a Drug Test Kit. Say what? Talk about CSI type stuff! Their suspicions proved correct, they had been drugged with prescription sleeping pills.

Mom and Dad obviously don't mess around, because they marched their daughter right on down to the police station. The demon daughter and her 16-year-old accomplice were then arrested and booked in juvenile hall.