I've often wondered how long it would be before somebody offers up free internet. Google has finally answered that question for me (as Google often does with my questions). Their new Google Fiber service is available in three different packages, so let me break it down for you before weighing the pros and cons:

  • TV + Gigabit Internet - Internet which runs at a lightning-fast 1 GB/second, full TV lineup, free Nexus 7 tablet, 1 TB Storage Drive, TV Box, Storage Box, Network Box and optional Google Chromebook add-on ($299 extra): $120/mo (2 year contract)
  • Gigabit Internet - Super-fast internet, Network Box, 1TB Google Drive, optional Chromebook:  $70/mo (1 year contract)
  • Free Internet - 5Mb/s download/ 1Mb/s upload speeds guaranteed for next 7 years, Network Box: One-time $300 construction fee

Sure the free internet isn't exactly free, but a one-time fee of $300 for 7 years of service beats the Hell out of paying that amount for half a year. The speeds may not be top notch either, but what do you expect for free?

The TV combo pack sounds pretty good too, price-wise anyway. The bonuses are good too, a free tablet (which you use as a remote for the system), and a storage box which acts like a DVR, etc. The real flaw with the TV service seems to be the channel lineup. Literally the first two channels I checked for -- AMC and FX -- were not available yet. I gotsta have 'The Walking Dead' and 'Louie' on my TV!

Hit the official website to check and see how to get Google Fiber in your area, unfortunately enough people have to sign up for it to bring it to your area. So if you want it, start spreading the word (especially if you live near me), they are pre-registering areas for the service until September 9th.