Google released the most popular 2017 search topics for the United States in just about every category and, if nothing else, it's a reminder of just how much terrible stuff happened this year.

Remember back in 2016 when everyone was like, "F--- 2016. Worst year ever." By comparison, 2016 seems like a picnic when you look this year's mass shooting, political controversy, natural disaster, "movie you were excited for sucks," "R.I.P. beloved celeb," and "Surprise, this person whose work you enjoy is a sex monster" headlines.

It's been a rough one, but it hasn't all been bad. Everyone knows news cycles focus on the bad, and a lot of these headlines are major bummers. Unfortunately, no one Googles how you got a raise this year or when something cool happened in your day-to-day. Hopefully, you had a bunch of personal victories like that eclipsed all the BS happening on the national and global stages.

Listen to me, I sound like a 2017 grief counselor. I'm just trying to say that this year wasn't all bad, despite the picture that a large swath of these top search results paint.

Also, shout out to Beef Stroganoff for being the most popular recipe for the first time in the history of people eating food. No shoutout to Google, for classifying the "Cash me Ousside" girl as a "musician" search.

1) Hurricane Irma
2) Matt Lauer
3) Tom Petty
4) Super Bowl
5) Las Vegas shooting
6) Mayweather vs McGregor fight
7) Solar eclipse
8) Hurricane Harvey
9) Aaron Hernandez
10) Fidget Spinner

1) Matt Lauer
2) Meghan Markle
3) Harvey Weinstein
4) Michael Flynn
5) Kevin Spacey
6) Bill O'Reilly
7) Melania Trump
8) Kathy Griffin
9) Milo Yiannopoulos
10) Gal Gadot

1) Hurricane Irma
2) Las Vegas shooting
3) Solar Eclipse
4) Hurricane Harvey
5) Bitcoin Price
6) North Korea
7) Hurricane Jose
8) Hurricane Maria
9) April the Giraffe
10) DACA

1) Tom Petty
2) Aaron Hernandez
3) Chris Cornell
4) Bill Paxton
5) Hugh Hefner
6) Chester Bennington
7) Charlie Murphy
8) Lil Peep
9) Jim Nabors
10) David Cassidy

How to...
1) How to make slime
2) How to make solar eclipse glasses
3) How to watch the solar eclipse
4) How to watch Mayweather vs McGregor
5) How to buy Bitcoin
6) How to freeze your credit
7) How to solve a rubix cube
8) How to make a fidget spinner
9) How to cook a turkey in the oven
10) How to screen record

What is...
1) What is DACA?
2) What is Bitcoin?
3) What is a solar eclipse?
4) What is ANTIFA?
5) What is net neutrality?
6) What is covfefe?
7) What is the antikythera mechanism?
8) What is a fidget spinner?
9) What is the Paris Climate Agreement?
10) What is a hurricane?

1) Beef Stroganoff recipe
2) Apple Crisps recipe
3) Corn Casserole recipe
4) Brine Turkey recipe
5) Zucchini recipe
6) Chicken Parmesan recipe
7) Pork Chops recipe
8) Hard Boiled Egg recipe
9) Yams recipe
10) Hashbrown Casserole recipe

Musicians and Bands
1) Linkin Park
2) Cardi B
3) Lil Pump
4) Joyner Lucas
5) Jason Aldean
6) Danielle Bregoli
7) Post Malone
8) Aaron Carter
9) Remy Ma
10) Montgomery Gentry

1) Despacito
2) Humble.
3) Bad and Boujee
4) Look What You Made Me Do
5) Bodak Yellow
6) Gucci Gang
7) Havana
8) Shape of You
9) Mask Off
10) Side to Side

1) IT
2) Beauty and the Beast
3) Wonder Woman
4) Get Out
5) Justice League
6) Logan
7) Baby Driver
8) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2
9) Hidden Figures
10) Dunkirk

TV Shows
1) 13 Reasons Why
2) Game of Thrones
3) This Is Us
4) Iron Fist
5) Riverdale
6) Bachelor in Paradise
7) The Good Doctor
8) Santa Clarita Diet
9) Big Little Lies
10) American Gods

1) Meghan Markle
2) Kevin Spacey
3) Gal Gadot
4) Louis C.K
5) Meryl Streep
6) Bill Skarsgård
7) Millie Bobby Brown
8) Tom Holland
9) Maia Campbell
10) Tommy Wiseau

Professional Sports Teams
1) New York Yankees
2) Houston Astros
3) Boston Celtics
4) Los Angeles Dodgers
5) Atlanta Falcons
6) Dallas Cowboys
7) New England Patriots
8) Pittsburgh Steelers
9) Houston Rockets
10) Philadelphia Eagles

1) Floyd Mayweather
2) Gordon Hayward
3) Aaron Boone
4) Paul George
5) Tony Romo
6) Aaron Judge
7) Lonzo Ball
8) Carmelo Anthony
9) Sergio Garcia
10) Isaiah Thomas


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