With Facebook being under fire for shared information and targeted ads, many people have started to pay more attention to how the internet works. This guy did a simple test to see if Google is really listening to us. 

Personally, I 100% believe that Google and other companies are listening to us through our phones and computer microphones. On more than one occasion, while talking with other people, the ads on Facebook and other sites started to match what was talked about. Honestly, I feel that it really is happening but it doesn't bother me that much. Actually, it makes things easier sometimes because what I am looking for pops up right in front of me.

On the other hand, it is super creepy. Check out this video for example. This guy explains he has never searched or really spoke about the topic. While browsing the internet everything seemed fine. He then began talking about it (dog toys) and boom, the ads changed the next time he opened the browser.

Now, I think this is a real thing. Tree, however, thinks this is fake. What do you think?

Source: fbeb ebfeb via YouTube


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