A new policy against purses and bags goes into effect this Friday for athletic events at Grand Blanc High School.

If you are planning on going to any football games at Frank Thomas Field at Grand Blanc High School, you will not be allowed to bring in a purse or bag. The new policy will begin this Friday for athletic events at the high school. Of course, certain exceptions will be made for anyone that must carry a bag for medical reasons or other certain legitimate reasons. All other friends, family, and students will have to leave bags and purses at home or in their vehicle.

Honestly, I don't see anything wrong with this policy, but I've already run into a few people here at work that aren't fans of it. Come on, it's a purse or bag. You don't need to bring all of your belongings that you own into a football game. Bring some cash for snacks and you will be just fine. You have pockets, use them.

The Grand Blanc Bobcats will be back in action Friday for a home game against Carman-Ainsworth. Game time is 7 pm.

Source: GBHS