This is quite possibly the worst way to start a trip to Hawaii. Passengers on a 6-hour flight were told to pee in bags because the bathrooms on the plane were broken.

I like to consider myself a very passive and understanding person, but this type of situation could make me come unglued. During a flight from Phoenix, AZ to Hawaii, an American Airlines plane has some problems with the bathrooms. The toilets began to overflow and had to be closed and locked. At this point, all the passengers were given bags to urinate in. As you can imagine, the passengers were pretty pissed off. I feel so bad for the flight attendants on the plane that day. It wasn't their fault but I'm sure they caught hell.

After the plane landed, it was discovered that some jerk decided to try and flush a diaper down one of the toilets causing the clog. Lucky for that person, they found this out later. I'm sure that idiot would have had a rough day dealing with the angry passengers.

Source: FBHW

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