This is not how my kid wanted to start his first year as a freshman at Grand Blanc High School.

According to ABC 12, The board approved a hybrid model with both face-to-face learning and remote learning on July 29. Then, the Genesee County Health Department sent a new toolkit to districts in the county, so they called a special board meeting to review their return-to-school plan.

So now instead of starting school on August 31st, kids will now start on Tuesday, September 8th, right after Labor Day weekend. And instead of having the option for face to face learning, the kids will begin the year fully online.

Superintendent Clarence Garner:

Trying to implement the guidelines, at least as we interpreted those guidelines, we felt it was going to be very disruptive for our kids. We thought we’d be in a day, maybe then out five to ten days, and we felt we were lacking that consistency, so I think the board tonight as they looked at that, and our parents as well, we want a consistent model for our students, and we just didn’t feel like we could provide that based on those recommendations.

The whole thing has been pretty confusing up until this point and hell, I still might be a little confused as to the full plan for grand Blanc. I understand this is something our generation has never had to deal before, so I understand the importance of being patient with situations like this. I may not be happy about the school year starting fully online but I do understand it's not least I hope not.

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