Michigan's brutal winters won't put a stop to outdoor dining at one popular brewery in Grand Rapids.

Patios and outdoor dining at Michigan's bars and restaurants are usually forced to shut down at the end of October or early November. It all depends on the hand Mother Nature deals Michiganders across the state. Well, there's one spot in Grand Rapids that can now serve customers outside regardless of the weather.

Dining at New Holland Brewing Company’s Grand Rapids Brewpub just got a heck of a lot cooler (or warmer) as they recently installed a retractable roof. The retractable, a first of its kind in Michigan will allow customers to dine outside year-round.

I know what you're thinking right now. Who in the heck wants to dine outside in the winter? Everyone will as the retractable roof also has an overhead heating system that will keep you nice and toasty during the winter months.

Shelia Cunningham, director of retail operations at New Holland Brewing Company:

We are thrilled to add to the functionality of the beer garden at our Grand Rapids Brewpub. Regardless of rain, snow, or even too much sun, this is a beautiful space for groups, special events, or open seating. Our new space also invites guests with medical concerns who may feel uncomfortable dining inside to create savored moments year-round at New Holland.

According to MLive, the covered outdoor space accommodates 70 seated guests and is connected to the indoor dining area by a garage door, allowing the combined indoor and outdoor areas to seat 200 diners.

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