Metallica just finished celebrating their 30th Anniversary and have been receiving all kinds of congrats from other bands. Perhaps the most interesting is the video cover of The Misfits tune 'Hybrid Moments' that Green Day dedicated to the aging thrash-metallers.

When you think of bands that are influenced by Metallica -- Green Day isn't the first one that comes to mind. They're not even the 30th. That didn't stop the punk rockers from wishing Metallica a Happy Birthday though.

The group filmed themselves in the studio -- undoubtedly taking a break from recording their next album -- covering 'Hybrid Moments' (originally by The Misfits) with a personalized well-wishing to Metallica included. In addition to the opening text on the screen, Billy Joe Armstrong Tags the end of the song by saying happy birthday to, "you old ass heavy metal motherf---ers."