Greta Van Fleet have really made a name for themselves over the last few years, and are one of the more popular young rock bands on tour nowadays. During a new interview, bassist Sam Kiszka revealed that the band is "pretty far into" their third studio album, and that it'll sound more similar to what they created during their days as a garage band.

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The rockers have had a great touring year, opening for Metallica for a handful of shows and also embarking on their own headlining tour with a variety of different supporting acts. Their most recent album The Battle at Garden's Gate came out in April of 2021, and Kiszka, who's the youngest of the three brothers in the band, explained during an interview that he hopes it's "thought-provoking" for its listeners.

“We listen to a lot of stuff, not by choice, on certain radio stations, that is ‘popular music,’ and there’s no substance. They’re telling you exactly what to think, and why," the bassist declared during an episode of Kyle Meredith's Consequence podcast. "And they don’t leave anything to mystery. And it almost insults people’s intelligence. And it doesn’t give you the ability to have your brain go off, and start firing creatively.”

As far as the follow-up to The Battle at Garden's Gate goes, the bassist wasn't able to shed too much light on it just yet, but he did confirm that they're almost done with it.

"Now it's time to get creative and figure out something different, because we always wanted to make that album — we always wanted to make Garden's Gate, and we did it," he said. "But we already knew what the next thing was, we're actually working on it right now, album three. We're pretty far into it, and I can't say a lot about it, but it's like the whole concept of kind of going back to almost the roots of what we did. Kind of bring our heads back to that garage time, and not spending all this time making it perfect, but just capturing what's going on and embellishing it and making it exciting and raw."

Listen to the full podcast episode below. Greta's next scheduled performance is Sept. 13 in Flint Mich. See their full itinerary on their website.

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