As someone who used to be an instructor of Marines, I can tell you that there are literally thousands of reasons why guys join the military. Patriotism, sense of public duty, family tradition, oh and of course; chicks dig guys in uniform. However, in all my years as an instructor, never once, was I told by one of my students they joined the military because they wanted to go on adventure like Bilbo and Frodo. And then, express sadness because they wanted their life to be more like those of the Dungeons and Dragons characters he’d concocted.

Well, that’s what one recruit wrote in a letter to his Drill Instructor. Seriously Bro? You joined the Army because you thought it’d give to chance to finally chase down Orcs and fight Dragons? While pains me and makes me want to laugh my ass off all at the same time, honestly, for once in my life, I feel sad for the Army. Check out the letter below. What an idiot.


[Source: GuySpeed]

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