Amazon spent ungodly amounts of money for a Lord of the Rings TV series, and they’ve barely sketched it out. The prequel drama likely wouldn’t connect to Peter Jackson’s films, but Sir Ian McKellen says Amazon has another thing coming if they recast Gandalf.

Bear in mind that Amazon has confirmed no details of its Lord of the Rings series beyond its function as a prequel to the main story. That said, plenty of familiar Tolkien characters lived hundreds, if not thousands of years prior to their introductions, and could easily play some role in the proposed series. Sir Ian McKellen was game enough to reprise his wizarding role for The Hobbit trilogy, so how far off is a TV appearance? Graham Norton asked the star how he felt about being recast, but McKellen wasn’t so sure he would be (h/t Digital Spy):

Isn’t that annoying, that there’s going to be another Gandalf in town?

What do you mean, another Gandalf?

What, are you playing it? Are you doing the TV series?

I haven’t said yes, because I haven’t been asked. But are you suggesting someone else is going to play [him]? Who would be suitable? Gandalf is 7000 years old, so I’m not too old.

McKellen also hinted “and I can do all sorts of voices,” perhaps alluding to participation in the series without reprising his role. That’s more than co-star Andy Serkis was willing to offer, as the actor told The Hollywood Reporter “I don’t know if I’d want to go back into the Lord of the Rings realm. I feel like I’ve spent a large chunk of my life doing that. I’ll say good luck and I think fresh eyes are probably a good thing.”

In any case, Amazon has already committed to multiple seasons of the new drama, so either actor will have ample opportunity. Stay tuned for details of the new Lord of the Rings series as they arrive.

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