Earlier this week a 19-year-old man was arrested after allegedly giving or selling a pot brownie to a 14-year-old student that attends Hamady High school in Mt Morris Township. The 14-year-old girl fainted while in school which ultimately led to the man's arrest.

According to ABC12, the 14-year-old girl fainted at school Wednesday afternoon and was taken to Hurley Medical Center. She told the staff there about eating a marijuana brownie and believed that caused her to faint. After the information was given to the Mt. Morris Township Police Department, they arrested the 19-year-old who was in the school parking lot with...you guessed it, weed brownies.

I saw people on ABC12's Facebook page commenting about how they highly doubt she fainted from eating a pot brownie. I don't understand why that's so hard to believe. I mean weed in brownies is usually significantly stronger than just smoking down. I've first hand watched grown adults get massive panic attacks from eating pot brownies so it doesn't surprise me a 14-year-old fainted from it.

I'm all for the legalization of marijuana but it drives me nuts when weed advocates go into denial mode when something negative happens around marijuana. I also hate how the media paints a negative picture when stuff like this goes down. They make it sound so much worse than what it really is.



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