Residents of Hamtramck, Michigan are furious and disgusted over a Nazi flag that was seen hanging from a homeowner's front porch last week.

Imagaine driving through your neighborhood when all of a sudden you see a disgusting Nazi flag hanging from the front porch of one of your neighbors. It's something that no one wants to see. However, it's something that some Hamtramck residents were forced to see.

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According to Detroit Free Press, the flag has since been taken down on the homeowner's own accord, as the city could not intervene because it was on private property.

Hamtramck city officials made a statement after a photo of the flag hanging on the front porch made its way around social media.

Hamtramck City Officials:

While we recognize Constitutionally protected speech, we cannot condone words and symbols intended to divide. Hamtramck is a tight-knit community full of diverse people from various cultures, backgrounds, and lived experiences. It is our hope that we come together as a city that appreciates diversity and rejects hate that makes that diversity unsustainable. In doing this, we can all make Hamtramck a better place to live.

After the photo was posted on social media, people were freaking out. Most people were extremely offended and disgusted to see the flag on the porch but some defended the homeowners' rights.

You can see all of the comments in the Facebook thread below. As you can imagine, things got a bit heated from time to time.

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