Millington Police are hoping someone recognizes the vehicle pictured above, so they can locate the man who was driving it.

A hit and run occurred today at roughly 10:30 AM on Birch Run Road, just west of Irish Road. No details have been released on the victim, but if you look in the bottom corner of the picture below, it looks like someone is on the ground in tennis shoes. My guess is the victim was walking or running.

The vehicle involved is also pictured, it is described as being an 2000 model Ford F-150. The driver is described as a white male, approximately 70 to 78 years old. Does any of this ring any bells? If so, please contact Trooper Lucus at the Michigan State Police Caro Post at 989-673-2156.

I certainly hope the victim is okay. We will keep you updated as to any new information regarding this case. It goes without saying, but I will say it anyway - be cautious of walkers, runners, pedestrians and motorcycles when driving. Distracted driving can be deadly.

Millington Police Department
Millington Police Department

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