Recent vandalization efforts in Millington were branded as "graphic content" by a local news affiliate, but I think we might be looking at two different pictures.

According to Millington Police, the vandals in question painted graffiti on several buildings at some point between Friday, December 29th and Tuesday, January 2nd. I don't know if the entire village left for the holiday weekend or what, but apparently, no one knows exactly when it happened. If you have details, please contact the Millington Police at (989) 871-2412.

I first became interested in the story when I saw this Facebook post from a local news affiliate:

When I clicked through, I was quite confused about what they thought the graffiti was. Take a look at the "graphic" picture to which they were referring.


At first, I said, "they must think those are balls on the bottom, or that those big circles up top are boobs." Neither of those really add up though. You see, I watched the entire first season of 'American Vandal,' so I'm basically a vandalism expert now. I have used said expertise to determine that this is neither boobs nor balls, but an unfinished cartoon.

"A cartoon of what?," you may be asking. Well, I've prepared a few possibilities for you to consider. Please excuse my sloppy artwork.

Homer Simpson

20th Century Fox | Millington PD


 Maz Kanata Firing a Blaster

Lucasfilm | Millington PD

The General Lee Jumping Over an Explosion

Warner Bros | Millington PD

This Googly-Eyed Batman

Warner Bros | Millington PD

Never Mind. I see it now. It's totally balls, a penis, and boobs.

Once you figure out the middle part, it all comes together. Pun intended.

Millington PD

We like to joke around here, but vandalizing the property of others is not cool. Like we said, if you have information -- please contact the Millington Police.