In Homer, Michigan, there is an abandoned bowling alley that was once thriving but now sits frozen in time.

Urban Explorer 260 recently explored the old Homer Lanes Bowling Alley off M-60. He then shared his eerie experience on YouTube.

In the video and photos below, you'll see lanes that are busted up and littered with debris. You'll also see shoes, bowling balls, computers, pins, and games that were all left behind when the alley closed for good.

One social media user seemed to know a lot about the bowling alley's history. He explained how the alley changed hands many times since it was built in 1962.

YouTube User, Brandin Kopulos:

Back in the 80s it was called Meadow Lanes. It then was purchased by Carol Brown and changed to Boondock Lanes. The Warner family bought it in the early 2000s and changed it to Crossroads Family Fun Center. It was then purchased by a gentleman that Clearly did not have the love for the bowling center's history that he said he did.

He also shared some of his personal memories from over the years. It's obvious that the bowling alley meant a great deal to him.

This place holds a ton of memories in my head. Since being in diapers, I would sit up at the top of those steps and watch my family bowl. I've walked up and down those floors with School fundraiser pamphlets collecting orders from the bowlers. I bowled on Saturday afternoon leagues from age 6 or 7, until 16. I started my DJ company up in that alley bar back when I was 14 years old running a kids' karaoke. DJ'd and ran karaoke for years in the back bar. It saddens me to see this.

Urban Explorer 260 via YouTube
Urban Explorer 260 via YouTube

What is an Urban Explorer?

An urban explorer is someone who explores abandoned or off-limit buildings. They usually seek out locations that are not open to the public or have been left abandoned for many years. Some consider urban exploring to be an adventurous hobby.

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Urban exploring can be dangerous and in some cases, it's illegal. Urban exploring should only be done with the permission of the owner. However, in most cases, this rarely happens.

The former bowling alley is currently for sale in ''as is'' condition for $189,000.

Abandoned Homer Lanes Bowling Alley

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