Season 13 of the Banana Bad Bowlers League kicks off on Wednesday, September 14th. If you have been a part of the league for all 13 years, or just one year - you know anything goes on Banana bowling nights - including marriage proposals.

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During season 11 in 2019, we really did have a couple get engaged on the lanes. The gentleman proposing made a plan with Chris Monroe and Derek Sorenson to make sure he could use the microphone and be sure that there would be a crowd when he popped the question.

Not only is the video below special to the couple getting engaged, but it is also special to me because it does feature our late friend and former co-worker, Derek Sorenson. He loved making people smile and I do remember how happy Derek was to help put this proposal together.

As we prepare to start the new Banana Bad Bowlers League, let me know if you are planning on asking a fellow bowler to marry you. I will try to talk you out of it over a tequila shot. I'm kidding - we welcome all marriage proposals on the Banana Bad Bowlers League.

Registration for the league starts this Monday, August 20th. If you have bowled with us in the past, you still need to register. You can get more information on the league here.

Here's to another great bowling season, lucky #13. I can't wait to see you soon on the lanes (and at the bowling alley bar). Let's be sure to do a shot in honor of Derek.

Check out the proposal video and an update on the happy couple, Tracey and Edwin below.

Update from Tracey,

So I'm scrolling through Facebook and caught your advertisement for the bad bowlers league, and caught the picture of myself and my husband from when he proposed. It was hysterical to see your article. I just wanted to report we did get married on June 26, 2020, as a celebration of the 10th year together from the day we met. Thank you for letting Edwin do that at the bowling alley. I love bowling!

Tracey & Edwin
Tracey & Edwin

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