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For the past six months, we've been hearing how ugly this fall was going to be when it came to the coronavirus. Well, fall is here and as predicted, things are getting extremely ugly.

According to the Detroit Free Press and leaders from five health systems, hospitalizations from COVID-19 are doubling every two weeks in Michigan and case numbers are growing "exponentially" at a rate of about 40% per week.

This announcement came earlier today after hospital CEOs warned the public of the growing crisis.

Michigan Health & Hospital Association CEO Brian Peters:

We are squarely in the midst of a public health crisis. … Our hospitals are rapidly filling with COVID patients at a very alarming rate. If this continues in the coming weeks, we will surpass our all-time record high in terms of COVID inpatient hospitalization numbers here in the state of Michigan. And so we are truly here today as a group to call on all Michiganders to do the right thing ... to help our frontline caregiver heroes as we combat this terrible virus.

I remember back in the spring when things were out of control (or at least we thought they were), I didn't know anyone with COVID-19, now it's a totally different story. I know so many people that either has it right now or that have had it already.

Henry Ford Health System CEO Wright Lassiter III:

We have significant burden in our emergency departments," Lassiter said. "It's very, very clear that we're seeing something different. We are seeing significant escalation of COVID-19 across Michigan

As experts have been preaching all along, there are some things we can do to try and prevent exposure to COVID-19. I'm talking about wearing a mask, washing your hands,  and practice social distancing.

Robert Gordon, director of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services:

It's a five-alarm fire, and we need to do everything in our power to get the virus under control ... if not for yourself, then for others.

As difficult as it may be, experts along with Gov Whitmer are suggesting that we don't have large gatherings during the holidays.

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