There is a road name in Flint that has caused a division in our office building.

Time to appeal to Flint for help and answers. Earlier today, a co-worker of mine was in the production studio reading a script for a commercial. After the recording was done, I heard an error and thought it was just a simple mistake. However, after investigating I found out that the pronunciation used was on purpose.

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Until today, I thought there was only one way to pronounce a particular road in Flint, but apparently, I was wrong. The road in question was Hemphill Road. Now I know that you just said it in your head or out loud and thought "who could mess that up?" The question is though, how did you just pronounce it?

About 75% of the office, including myself, say that it is pronounced: "hemp-hill." The remaining people in the building here swear that it is pronounced: "Hem-phill" (like "hem-fill.") I was blown away by this.

After a quick Google search, I thought we could put it to rest, but I was wrong.

Typically, something like this would be good for a laugh and then we all move on with our day. This is not the case with this one. This situation train-wrecked our day for a good half hour, 45 minutes. After arguing about the correct pronunciation, looking it up on Google, and asking everyone in the building, I am sad to report that we have no resolution on the matter.

So Flint, please tell us what the correct pronunciation of Hemphill Road is.

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