When it comes to owning pets in Michigan, there are rules that you may not be aware of. Everything from paperwork and shots to the types of animals you can actually have as pets. Some places in the United States even limit the number of animals you can own.

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When it comes to the number of dogs you can legally own in Michigan, what is the number? Well, that number is unlimited. There is no statewide law in Michigan that puts a limit on the number of dogs a household can have.

That cannot be said for other states in the nation though. A few states have some pretty strict rules when it comes to dog ownership. For example, residents in Georgia and New York are only allowed to own one dog per household. That's kind of mean if you ask me. Dogs need friends too.

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In Tennessee, you can own up to 10 dogs, but you have to have a certain amount of acres to do so. In Montana, you can own two dogs, but you have to acquire a multiple-animal permit. Washington is probably the strangest on the list as a household can own up to 50 dogs. Why even put a limit on it at that point?

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Thankfully, in Michigan, we don't have to jump through too many hoops to own a lot of dogs. Gila Monsters on the other hand, well those are legal in Michigan, but you have to have a permit. Not sure why you would want one, but to each their own.

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