It would be ridiculous to consider traveling to any holiday gathering this year without some weed stashed away in your luggage to take the edge off once the scene begins to wreak havoc on your nerves. However, with the uncertainty surrounding airport security, these days, not to mention the interstates are crawling with law enforcement, it can be a paranoid affair trying to move even the smallest amount of weed across state lines.

Some of the latest federal data indicates that 91 percent of holiday travel is done by car, which can cause trouble for motorists even if they are registered medical marijuana users. Although medical use is legal in Michigan, possession of marijuana is illegal in most surrounding states, and crossing states lines with any amount of pot is a federal offense.

“Medical marijuana patients need to be aware of the screwy DUI laws that exist in states where they may have holiday plans. Technically, marijuana users driving sober from California into the states of Nevada, Utah or Arizona are considered intoxicated as soon as their front wheels cross the state line. Unfortunately, since out-of-state license plates are enough, these days, to warrant police harassment, innocent people on their way to holiday parties may run the risk of having their turkey dinner in the county jail… and let’s face it, there is nothing merry about that.”

Also, be prepared to survive a search:

Know Where and Where Not to Hide Your Weed
Marijuana permeates, so do not stash marijuana in the car an hour before you leave the house. Instead, do it two minutes before you hit the road. Stash your pot inside the car - not anywhere on the exterior. Find a place to hide your weed as close to the middle of the vehicle as possible and as high as possible. The word on the street is dogs have a difficult time smelling up.

Travel With a Pet
Another way to throw off the scent of a drug-sniffing dog is to simply take along a feline friend for the ride. Tossing a cat in the car is a great way to bamboozle a K-9 unit into forgetting about doing his one and only job - finding your pot stash.

For more tips on how to smuggle small stashes, check out an article I wrote last year for Toke of the Town.

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