Halloween is this weekend and a local church "Word Of Life Church" is having a huge event this Saturday and is providing 2,000 lbs of candy for the local community!

If I was a kid this location would definitely be on my list. I remember growing up and having to map out where to go for candy. Events like this make it much easier for parents who want to get their kids that Halloween experience without being dragged around the neighborhood all night.   

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Candyland, a popular Halloween event that attracts thousands of people, is happening Saturday, October 30 from 2pm-6pm at Word of Life Christian Church at 460 W. Atherton Road in Flint.


“Of course, the community favorite is candy - this year the amount of candy weighs over 2,000 pounds. We’re looking at welcoming over 3500 people to Candyland," said George Wilkinson, Senior Pastor, Word of Life Church


I love it when communities come together like this in one massive event. Mainly because it gives the kids an opportunity to socialize with other kids in costumes. Which is probably just as important as getting candy. I don't think as a community we need to invest more time into events like this for the youth. It may seem just like a candy giveaway, but we're also giving kids memories that they'll carry for the rest of their lives.

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