A Huron Township man was just trying to break up a fight involving his son when he was fatally stabbed. According to WDIV, four teens allegedly went to the Huron Estates mobile home park about an hour prior to the stabbing. Witnesses said they caused a disturbance, destroying property, and left, only to return at about 10:30 p.m. and a fight broke out in the street.

The 49-year-old father/grandfather was only trying to protect his family and home when he lost his life. Such a tragic thing to happen to a man that had five children and three grandchildren.

No word yet as to what the fight was about between the 18-year-old son and these other teens but I'm sure it was something stupid. Now the son also has to live with the guilt over his dad's death. I'm not saying it was his fault but I'm sure it would be hard to avoid those feelings.

Here's a video of the news conference that was held on Monday morning.

Source: WDIV