This is just one more reason to make me want to give up on the next generation of humans. This 19-year-old idiot in Indiana robbed a bank and then used a taxi as a getaway car. 

How did this moron even think this was a good idea. I am not a criminal mastermind, but I can tell you the flaw in this right off the get-go. It doesn't take an entire CSI team to solve this one by any means.

First off, the idea that people still rob banks is amazing to me. The security cameras they have are incredible and they are everywhere. I'm sure it won't be long until the cameras can immediately send you a friend request after the crime. Second, why a taxi? I'm sure this dope doesn't have the most intelligent of friends, I'm sure they would've driven him. I'm sure you could probably guess this, but he was picked up less than an hour after the robbery.

Source: FBHW

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