Clearly these jackasses couldn't wait for the Fourth of July.

I love the Fourth of July. It's probably my favorite holiday behind Halloween. There's nothing better than going America all over everybody's asses, which basically consists of getting good and loaded on a boat in the hot sun, grilling some dead animals, and watching fireworks as you pass out in $5 Walmart lawn chair. These guys may have taken their excitement for the holiday a little too far though.

Police are currently hunting the suspects responsible for ultimately setting an entire fireworks aisle ablaze at a Phoenix Walmart, and causing the store to evacuate. If found guilty, they will likely be facing some serious felony charges.

This probably seemed like a funny stunt to the perpetrators, but it obviously went way beyond prank territory pretty quickly. Whether or not it seems dangerous -- it really could have gone poorly. What if a stray bottle rocket took out an infant, or if the aisle came crashing down on some poor old lady who was just trying to buy some Metamucil? That's a pretty hefty price to pay for wanting to stay regular.

In summation, celebrate America's birthday like an a-hole, but not like these a-holes.