We've had a beautiful blast of spring weather this week in Mid-Michigan, but things might get really nasty from Flint on down tomorrow.

According to The Storm Prediction Center, Friday could bring some nasty weather through the southern half of Michigan's Lower Peninsula. They are reporting an enhanced risk (30% chance or higher) of "severe weather" for most areas near the Michigan-Ohio border. Severe weather, by definition, means winds exceeding 58 mph, hail of 1 inch or larger, or a tornado. None of those sound like a very good time.

Flint is on the upper edge of the area with a 15% chance of seeing these conditions, with a 5% chance extending throughout the thumb. Strong gusts of wind and thunderstorms could begin sweeping through as early as Friday afternoon.

Sadly, once this storm goes -- it is expected to take our preview of the spring with it, as temperatures will likely plummet in its wake. But look on the bright side -- we've only got another month or two left of our typical winter-y weather... probably. You never know in Michigan.

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