The notorious booze-hound and Black Label Society commander in chief Zakk Wylde was forced to stop drinking last year after health complications. He has been successful in kicking his habit to the curb and is ready to reveal the secrets of his rehabilitation to you.

Zakk was ordered to stop drinking last year by his doctors as a result of blood clots in his legs. Wylde said his road to recovery was a short one and he is now ready to help you get on your way to sobriety as well. Just like everything the New Jersey native does, his method is merciless and cuts straight through the bullshit. He recently shared his recovery secrets with the Press of Atlantic City:

"You Patton up and Black Label up, and you get your shit done. I didn't go to rehab. You don't go to rehab - you just stop drinking. That's Black Label rehab. It's a one-step program. It's one step: You just shut up and stop drinking. I don't have time for 'I have a  heroin problem' - I don't fucking care, I don't care what you did yesterday or six months ago. I got shit to get done. We don't have time to dwell on the past. Let's go on with what has to be done. It's a mindset all the guys in the band have."

Watch your ass Dr. Drew! Looks like your days as the go-to addiction recovery guy are numbered. I know if I had a drug problem to shake, Zakk Wylde getting in my face dropping F-bombs and emasculating me would be a hell of a lot more effective than talking about my "feelings" with Dr. Drew Pinsky.

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