Would you like to see a Costco in Grand Blanc, Michigan?

Let me just say this right off the bat, we cannot confirm if any of these rumors are true. While scrolling through different community Facebook pages and groups, we came across an interesting post about the possibility of Costco coming to Grand Blanc.

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After a quick search, we could not confirm if that was true or not. According to Costco's website, there are 13 new stores set to open between now and January, however, Grand Blanc is not listed as one of those locations. It is possible that they do have plans for a Grand Blanc location but just haven't listed it yet. The new location list ends in January 2023.


As of right now, the closest Costco to the Grand Blanc area is in Auburn Hills. Looking at the map of locations in Michigan, I would say it is extremely possible that we may see a Costco pop up in the area. Locations can be found all over the state including Traverse City, Grand Rapids, Bay City, Lansing, and more.

Personally, I don't think I have ever stepped foot in a Costco, so I have no idea of the difference between Costco and Sam's Club. Judging by most of the comments out there though, many people prefer Costco to Sams and are really hoping the rumor is true.

What are your thoughts? Do you prefer Costco or Sam's or does it not matter to you? Also, if they do bring Costco to Grand Blanc, where would you want them to build it?

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