Everybody has a facebook.  All the people you graduated with, The President of America, your boss, my grandma and your spouse, which may be a problem for your marriage.  It seems like more and more separations are being blamed on facebook, which has researchers wondering.

Can facebook make you cheat?  Of course not.  Can it make you neglect your spouse?  No way.  But it can be the vehicle to those behaviors, which has many marriage counselors and therapists criticizing the website.  According to Youwillreadnews.com

For most people, Facebook is a harmless way to keep in touch with friends and family. But flirtations on the social networking site are now becoming a factor in marriage breakdowns. One online law firm says 20 per cent of their divorce petitions in the past year contain references to Facebook

So your wife has a facebook, does that mean she is cheating?  Probably not, but if she is cheating, she would use facebook to enable her behavior.   If you wouldn't want your significant other seeing that message or finding out about your new "friend" you probably shouldn't be doing it.