In my latest article for Cannabis Now, I cover the subject of gun ownership in the face of medical marijuana laws. A story suggesting that Illinois patients recently received letters indicating their gun privledges had been revoked due to their participation in the medical marijuana program prompted me to look into this matter a bit further.

Although the letters ended up being a mistake on the part of the Illinois State Police, gun ownership for marijuana users is forbidden under federal law. The 1968 Gun Control Act states that anyone “who is an unlawful user or addicted to any controlled substances” cannot legally possess guns or ammunition.

Even though Illinois regulators have decided to permit patients to carry firearms, there could be some trouble at the federal level once the program matures.

“It is likely that once Uncle Sam decides to get involved, patients may have no choice but to seek clarity from the courts on how the Second Amendment applies to state medical marijuana laws,” I wrote in my article.

But what about the Michigan medical marijuana program… does it prohibit gun ownership? Apparently, it does.

“The Michigan State Appeals Court has ruled that those granted use of marihuana for medicinal purposes remain classified as “drug users” or “drug addicts”, barring them from purchasing a gun and ammunition, regardless of the permission given to them to use marihuana for medicine reasons,” according to The Clark Law Offices.

Furthermore, in order to qualify for a Concealed Carry License in Michigan, “One must TERMINATE their Medical Marijuana Card in order to legally purchase guns and ammo in the state of Michigan, or to legally obtain/maintain at concealed pistol license," a passage reads from Detroit Arms.

"In order to do so," the article continues, "the patient/caregiver must submit a written request to withdraw from the program including their signature. Include a copy of their valid photo ID and return the registry ID card. A confirmation letter will be sent when the Michigan Marijuana Program has processed the withdrawal.”

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