How many times have you gone outside to clean the snow off your windshield, roof, headlights, and windows, but forgot to clear it away from your license plate? For many Michiganders, this is something that happens all the time in the winter.

Even though many of us forget to clear our snow-covered license plates, does even it really matter?

By now, you should be well aware that you can get a ticket in Michigan for not clearing snow from your vehicle. That ice and snow could easily slide up your windshield and into the air, ultimately slamming down onto other vehicles around you. Not to mention that it's obstructing your view if it's not cleared from your windows. But what about your license plate?

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Can You get a Ticket for a Snow Covered License Plate?

Even though the snow isn't obstructing your view, you can still get a ticket for not clearing the snow away from your license plate.

According to The News Wheel, Michigan’s automotive laws require drivers to remove snow from their windshields, windows, taillights, rear lamps, headlamps, and license plates before heading out on the road.

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If the license plate on your vehicle is covered with snow or dirt, clean it off. If pulled over, there's a good chance that you could get a ticket. A license plate violation could cost you anywhere from $135 to $275.

After this past weekend's snowstorm, it might be a good idea to look and see if your license plate is snow-covered.

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