Michigan has a bunch of different towns/cities that some could consider a little offensive by name. I suppose that's only if you're easily offended.

Before we get to what we consider the most lewd-sounding town name in Michigan, let's talk about some others that sound downright dirty as well.

There's Cumming Township, Bangor, Jugville, Clam Union, Beaver Township, Dickson Township, and a handful of others if you use your perverted imagination.

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This is the Most Lewd-Sounding Town Name in Michigan or at Least We Think so.

There's a tiny town in Michigan's Upper Peninsula that is called 'Dick.' Whenever people are looking for Dick, they don't have to go that far after crossing the Mackinac Bridge. The town of Dick is roughly 45 minutes north of the bridge.

The small town (does size really matter?) of Dick is apparently considered a ghost town now. It was once a lumber town, postal stop, and railway station along the Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie Railroad.

If you want to check out Dick, you'll find it on S. Hayward School Road, in Trout Lake Township, Chippewa County.

How Many States Have Towns Called Dick?

Michigan isn't the only state in America with a Dick. There are actually four states in the U.S. that have Dicks including Colorado, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and of course Michigan.

I don't know much about Dick but I do know that it's the most lewd-sounding town name in the state of Michigan.

The funny thing is, this small town and my dad share the same name. Dicks are everywhere in the state of Michigan.

Town Names in Michigan That Will Make a Teenage Boy Giggle and an Old Lady Blush

OK, just for fun (and because we all have a little bit of a dirty mind) let's take a look at 12 cities and towns in Michigan that have (somewhat) dirty names.

If you don't understand why any of these towns made our list, maybe there's hope for you after all.

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