One of the more memorable moments in woman's life is when a man proposes and wants to spend the rest of his days with the love of his life. Right?

This Bay City man had it all planned out to do that for his future wife. He picked a great spot to propose and filmed the moment to be remembered forever and their son to be a part of it. Their son made sure they'll never forget it.

Sometimes things do not always go as planned, even though the proposal went smooth and she said yes, their son decides that he needed to go, and now was the time. Not giving a care in the world of what was going on this kid pulls down his pants and starts to go right there.

You cant help but laugh, and one day when this kid is older and looks back at this video I'm sure he will tell you when you gotta go ya gotta go. Good thing he didn't have to drop a deuce.

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