Kelly Osbourne said she once trashed a hotel room with Amy Winehouse.

Destroying hotel rooms was once the quintessential rock star story. The Who were notorious for it back in the '70s, particularly drummer Keith Moon. Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones were other bands who were allegedly known for trashing hotels, but it seems to be a less common rock star hobby these days.

In the early 2000s, though, Kelly — daughter of the one and only Prince of Darkness — lived up to the rock star cliche with Winehouse, who had quite the reputation herself when she was alive. Kelly briefly touched on the night during an episode of The Osbournes Podcast a few months ago.

"I mean, I had a really great New Years with Amy Winehouse one year. And then we got kicked out of the Dorchester and went to the Hilton," she recalled.

When her brother, Jack Osbourne, questioned why she and Winehouse were kicked out of the Dorchester — a five-star hotel in London near Hyde Park — Kelly refused to say.

"I think you can, the statute of limitations is over," he remarked.

Apparently, Kelly and Winehouse were kicked out of the hotel for making a mess of the place. Sharon Osbourne was truly pleased to hear it.

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"Not intentionally like, we're gonna break this!" Kelly elaborated. "We had a party in there and it just got destroyed."

Watch the clip below.

Kelly Osbourne and Winehouse were close friends for years before the singer's death in 2011. Kelly helped check Winehouse into a rehab facility in 2008 [via Daily Mail], as the musician had been struggling with addiction for years.

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