It may be funny to laugh at should you see this meme on social media - a truck stuck under a bridge which it was too big to cross under. But you wouldn't be laughing if you were in that situation or the truck was blocking the way you needed to go.

You likely pay little attention to the clearance markers on the bridges and underpasses you drive beneath. There are standards set on how high bridges need to be on our roadways.

On interstate highways, for example, underpasses must be give at least 16 feet of clearance.

It's when the bridges and overpasses fall short of the necessary height that the caution signs go up.

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Check out these lowest clearance bridges across Michigan. Scouted with the assistance of the crowdsourced website for RV enthusiasts RVParky. Driving an RV, like a truck, is a high vehicle so would need to know when the bridge ahead is just too low and you'd need to turn around.

There are some well known roof-scrapers in the state. In Lansing, Pennsylvania Ave near the Potter Park Zoo is a hot spot - but not quite the lowest bridge in the state.

In the tourist town of Mackinac City, the I-75 approach to the Mackinac Bridge is surprisingly low and Huron Street ekes underneath with just 10 and a half feet to give - but even that isn't the lowest clearance in Michigan.

Many of the low bridges are railroad overpasses and many, but by no means all, are in Detroit.

Check out these 20 Heads Up! Low Bridges in Michigan counted down from 12 feet to a can-opener in south central Michigan that offers just over 9 feet of clearance:

Heads Up - These are the Lowest Clearance Bridges in Michigan

It may be funny to see on social media when a truck encounters a bridge that's too low, but it's not a situation you'd ever want to find yourself in. Here are the lowest clearance bridges in Michigan

Gallery Credit: Google Maps Street View

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