Hail and Cheers to the Victors! This season at the Big House will see a big change in what fans can drink during Wolverine football games.

The University of Michigan Athletics Department announced that for the first time, alcohol will be sold at Michigan Stadium for football games beginning in the 2024 season. According to the press release, the Board of Regents voted on May 16 to implement a Class C liquor license at the "Big House".

The move has the Wolverines joining their rivals, the Spartans, in offering alcohol sales at their games. MSU began sales at Spartan Stadium in the fall of 2023 and at their basketball and hockey games at the beginning of this year.

U of M began moving towards alcohol sales at their major sporting events last October when they approved the university asking the Michigan Liquor Control Commission for liquor licenses for U-M's three primary athletic venues, including Michigan Stadium, Yost Ice Arena, and Crisler Center.

The university is set on making sure that offering alcohol sales at the stadium and other sporting events stays within guidelines keeping everyone safe.

"To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, regulatory features also include requiring all patrons to show ID at every purchase and limiting each transaction to two alcoholic beverages per legal drinking-age guest", the University said. "In addition, the athletic department has been collaborating with the Office of Student Life on responsible alcohol consumption messaging at each of the venues to ensure a safe environment for all fans at every event".

The university said Michigan Athletics will use the revenue for operational expenses, with a portion going to the university to help fund campus research projects.

Alcohol sales at the "Big House" will officially start on August 31st with the Wolverine's home football game against Fresno State.

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