Music Fans at Michigan's World-Famous Pine Knob Music Theater were treated to a show and a slip 'n slide... of sorts.

Post Malone music fans were treated to a wet hill at Pine Knob and true Michigan music fans know exactly what that means. Muddy messes.

What happened at the Post Malone Pine Knob concerts?

Post Malone played Pine Knob on July 11th. The show was well attended with fans from all over Michigan. If you're under the pavilion at Pine Knob you may not have noticed, but the area between the pavilion and the lawn got a bit slippery after some rain.

One fan caught it all on video and posted to TikTok:


@xochelsealynnGotta love ampitheater concerts after a storm♬ original sound - Chelsea Weed


It's probably inappropriate to laugh at people sliding in the mud, but it does look funny. While you can't dodge the rain on the hill, you might want to wear cleats as a back-up if rain is remotely possible.

Nothing is better than a show at Pine Knob

If it's hot, chilly or a little rainy, you're still going to have a good time. Earlier this season, Snoop Dogg played with special guests TLC. The power went out during that show and TLC kept entertaining the crowd by dancing.

The fans catching this on video loved that they kept the show going. If there isn't lighting or a tornado they don't have to stop playing.

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The next time you're at Pine Knob, watch your step if it recently rained. Or bring a poncho and slide down the hill on purpose. (Don't do that, we don't want you kicked out.)

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