Flint's Stepping Stone Falls went from a "must-visit" place for families every year (during my childhood in the 1980s) to quietly forgotten about over the last couple of decades.

A once-in-a-lifetime comet picture might help people rediscover this man-made beauty.

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Stepping Stone Falls est. 1972

When Mott Lake was being created to back up the Flint River, there was an idea to create a man-made waterfall. It turns out, it was a hit. In more recent years, improvements have been made to the unique lighting system, the picnic area and (lots) of walking trails.

Admittedly, having recently moved back to my hometown after 10+ years away, I'd forgotten about Stepping Stone, too. Until this picture appeared in a Facebook group.

Stepping Stone Falls with "Neowise" comet overhead. Credit Jessica Oakley Facebook
Stepping Stone Falls with "Neowise" comet overhead. Credit Jessica Oakley Facebook

Someone in the group insisted it was photoshopped when others immediately chimed in about the "Neowise" comet that passed by Earth earlier this year. It was widely photographed around the world. (Proper name: C/2022 E3, by NASA) Nerd out to more, here.

Here's what Stepping Stone Falls looks like during daytime hours:

Credit: Genesee County Parks
Credit: Genesee County Parks

"What is there to do in Flint, MI?"

If you haven't been to Stepping Stone Falls in a while, take the time to rediscover the area especially with fall foliage just around the corner. Take your kids & dogs to walk the trails. Then, make time for a picnic.

Plus, it's free.

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