A while back we reported the collaboration between Detroit recording artists Jack White and ICP on the track 'Lick Me in the Arse'. It appears the trio didn't stop there, as yet another track titled 'Mountain Song' has hit the web.

Jack White recently disbanded the White Stripes and has been quoted as saying that he's done working with bands, as far as joining or forming them goes that is. He is however continuing to work with artists as a studio musician / producer, the latest act he is involved with is the Detroit based rap duo -- Insane Clown Posse.

Their first Mozart-tinged song 'Lick Me in the Arse' hit a few weeks ago, now White's Third Man Records has released the B-Side to that track -- 'Mountain Song'. When Billboard spoke to ICP's Violent J about the collaboration, he sounded as surprised as we are that it happened:

"The most respected musician in the world and one of the most hated musicians in the world. We didn't expect that call, brother. I told [Jack White], 'I gotta know - why us?'. He said, 'I find myself going to your web site and looking at it. Some stuff I think is genius, some stuff I don't understand at all, but I always find myself going back there and seeing what you're up to."