Here we are, the first day of March, and you know what that means...St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner.

For many this years St. Patrick's Day festivities will be few and far between due to many parades being canceled as well as restrictions for bars. Still, Jameson Whiskey is  bound and determined to make it a pure Irish day. In fact, Jameson will pay some of their fans to take time off on St. Patrick's Day so they can get their Irish on.

Jameson is giving away some S-P-T-O. It’s like PTO, but made for St. Patrick’s Day. Jameson, a favorite Irish whiskey maker, will be giving some lucky people $50 to cover the cost of their St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Whether you are taking a little longer lunch hour, or raising a glass virtually with friends, Jameson wants to make sure you're covered.

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To be in the running for a little SPTO, you need to enter on the website and take the Jameson Pledge. Once you do, you'll be entered. Only 1,000 people be added the the special Jameson holiday payroll and will win $50 to use towards celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

To make the deal even better, you're "time off" will be doing some good for those bartenders and waitstaff of bars and restaurants feeling the pinch of the ongoing pandemic. If you win, Jameson will also donate $50 in your name to the Restaurant Workers' Community Foundation.

Jameson wants to show extra love to restaurant workers everywhere so they are also making a special St. Patrick's Day donations to the Restaurant Workers' Community Foundation of $150,000.

To grab your chance at some Jameson SPTO, click here to enter.

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