Jared from 'Silicon Valley' (also known as Gabe from 'The Office' and occasionally by his real name Zach Woods) is probably the funniest character on HBO right now. The juxtaposition of his occasionally outrageous dialog delivered deadpan via the most subdued, milquetoast nerd stereotype you can imagine is a constant source of brilliance on the underrated comedy. Jared put those exact skills to work in a recent GQ video and, as always, f***ing crushed it.

If you've ever wondered how to dress for a camping trip, do a front-sided ollie in your kayak, gaslight a fish into suicide, or what an American Bald Eagle's diet consists of -- Jared's got you covered. Also, this marks the only time I've heard someone that isn't a local or over the age of 50 refer to a creek as a "crick."

This video of Jared in the wild is second only to the clip below from last season's finale, where he snaps on a random camper. If you don't know the show, it may not play as well because you don't know how restrained the character is usually... aaaaand there it is -- me sounding like my parents explaining why 'Big Bang Theory' is funny.

Just enjoy the clip... or don't. I'm getting paid either way.

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