Holy hell the John 5 show this past Saturday night was nothing short of incredible. I have been lucky enough to see countless shows at The Machine Shop, and I am serious when I say this was one of the BEST.

I am not sure what you know about 'John 5 and the Creatures', but there is no lead singer in the band. It does not matter. The crowd was singing loud enough for 5 singers throughout the show. I think my favorite part of the night was the medley of songs toward the end of the show. John 5 would rip from one great riff to the next. Music from bands (in no particular order) like Van Halen, Pantera, Alice In Chains, KISS, White Zombie, Rush, and more. It was absolutely amazing. You have to be one hell of a showman to engage a sold-out crowd, and trust me he is and did!

This was the first time the band has played at the world famous Machine Shop, and I for one and hoping it is not the last. Check out the great pics below by Jeff Mintline of Minty Pics.