I hope to see you tonight at Timothy's Pub for another round of the Flint Firebirds Coach's Show. This is a great opportunity to meet players, and win tickets to an upcoming game. You too can be a part of the show, we take your questions and comments live on site.
I will kick off the broadcast at 5:00 PM and in the 6:00 PM hour we will switch gears to all things Flint Firebirds. I will be joined tonight by Flint Firebirds Associate Coach Darcy Findlay, and players Ty Dellandrea and Jake Durham. Of course is not a Coach's Show without the voice of the Flint Firebirds, Dominic Hennig. 
The food at Timothy's Pub is awesome! Come hungry and enjoy one of my three award winning burgers or one of the delicious Flint Firebirds wraps. I look forward to seeing you tonight at Timothy's Pub. Cheers!
Below is a list of all upcoming Flint Firebirds Coach's Show dates.
  • January 29th
  • February 12th
  • February 26th
  • March 12th