Having a kangaroo show up in your backyard isn't something you see every day. In fact, it's something you'll probably never see. But it happened, and Sara has the video to prove it.

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Sara spotted the creature on Tuesday (3/22) walking - er, hopping actually - in her driveway. She tells WJBK-TV that living in southern Lapeer County, she usually sees nothing but wildlife and farm animals.

911 Almost Didn't Believe Her

Sara's first instinct was to call 911, but she says she had to do some convincing when she got a dispatcher on the line.

"I say 'I’m located in southern Lapeer County' and there is a pause and she responds ‘Ma’m are you sure it’s a kangaroo?’ and I said 'Yes I’m sure!'"

Greer says the confused dispatcher finally turned her over to animal control in Lapeer County.

Video Goes Viral

After convincing the 911 operator that there really was a kangaroo in her yard, Sara's second instinct was to post a video online. She got in her car and followed the marsupial as he hopped through a nearby cemetery.

"You could tell he was lost, he wanted to go home," Greer said.

As you would expect, the video went viral.

Kangaroo Returned to His Rightful Owner

Greer later learned that the kangaroo's name is Douglas. He escaped from his owner who has a license to keep exotic pets.

Sara tells the TV station she thinks she would have had a hard time convincing people there had been a kangaroo in her yard if she hadn't caught it on video.

She went on to say that it was the best 15 minutes ever.

"The way the world is today, it puts a smile on your face," she said.



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