If you've been hearing or seeing coyotes a bit more than usual in your area, it's because it's their breeding season in Michigan. Regardless if you live in the country or the city, coyotes are everywhere right now.

The main thing that you need to be concerned with is your pets. Sometimes a coyote will try to get your dog to chase him and then somewhere in the distance, the pack is just sitting there waiting for your dog. It's a situation that has an ugly outcome. Now, this isn't something that happens all the time, but it can. It's just something to be aware of as coyotes are incredibly smart.

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If you know that you have coyotes in your area, don't let your pets go outside alone. If you see a coyote approaching your pet, just make a lot of noise. This will usually be enough to scare them off.

It's also a good idea to bring in your bird feeders as they attract small animals which in turn attracts coyotes.

When is Coyote Breading Season in Michigan?

Coyotes are a bit more visible than normal during their breeding season, which runs from mid-January through March.

Jie Wang; Unsplash
Jie Wang; Unsplash

Can You Legally Shoot a Coyote On Your Property in Michigan?

If you've got a nosey coyote that's becoming a nuisance on your property, yes, legally you can shoot it. Coyotes can be killed without a license on private land by anyone if the coyote is doing or about to do damage to private property, pets, livestock, or humans.

Nearly every night this week, I've been awoken by howling coyotes. They have been so freaking loud this year. I haven't seen any yet but I sure do hear them.

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